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We recommend starting with your new patient check-up and cleaning. Regular dental check-ups are the best way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy. The check-up allows your dentist to diagnose any problems, and take preventive actions to stop problems before they develop.

Our dentist will look for anything unusual in your mouth, throat and neck, including the oral manifestations of diseases, oral cancer, infections, early signs of gum disease, eroded fillings and dental decay.

X-rays may or may not be a regular part of your check-up. X-rays help your dentist see problems long before they get too serious. Your dentist will only take x-rays if there is a need for them. In the same appointment, we will do your scale and polish, the hygienist will make a careful assessment of the condition of your gums.

Your teeth will then be scaled, using ultrasonic and hand scalers. This removes any calculus (tartar) and staining, leaving your teeth and gums very clean. The teeth are then polished to make them smooth, this makes it easier for you to keep them clean at home.

Fruitland Dentistry, a Local Professional Dentistry That Caters to the Entire Family

A comfortable Experience

Our goal is to make your family’s visit as comfortable as possible. From simple procedures such as cleanings to more complicated extractions and root canals – Fruitland Dentistry is here for you.

Your Local Dental Professionals

Fruitland Dentistry, located in Stoney Creek, is where you will find Dr. Kamal Sidhu & his team of professionals. Dr. Sidhu has been a dentist since 2011. He is committed to providing an excellent level of service to your family and the community. Our team of professionals is verse in multiple languages including: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati.

Accepting New Patients

We service the expanding Stoney Creek, Ontario, area and accept new patients including walk-ins! We offer convenient hours, including weekend appointments, with evening appointments at your request.